Ciro Javier Garcia

July 2, 2014

Dear Sir/Madame:

It is with great pleasure that I express to you today the value, expertise and integrity of North South Holdings, Inc. We have had the pleasure to work with Michael Walker, Managing Director, and his team of financial analysts for the last two years. We have come to appreciate North South's commitment to our Company in procuring financing for multiple projects in our pipeline.

We operate a very competitive business in three plants in the United States. We operate state of the art facilities whereby we retrofit and build components for electric, diesel and gas turbines for our clients both in government and in the private business sector mainly located in the United States and North, Central and South America. We have three operating facility locations in the United States alone; these include the U.S. States New York, Nevada and Texas.

Just recently North South Holdings, Inc. provided the needed funding to procure a Master Bond with a face value of US$500,000,000 (Five hundred Million US Dollars) from one of the leading government utilities in North Central South America. This Bond secures multiple preferred clients for Turbine Blading and Parts LLC to provide needed energy producing components for the Country for many years to come. It solidifies our company position in that marketplace.

We look forward to continuing our business affiliation with Michael Walker and North South Holdings, Inc. We know that North South's high level of courtesy, expertise and loyalty is very important in the global market today and this is what helps us stand out amongst our competitors. We are very grateful for their relationship with Turbine Blading and Parts LLC.

Yours Truly,

Ciro Javier Garcia
President and CEO
Turbine Blading & Parts, LLC

Brian E. Burk

July 2, 2014

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter of recommendation about North South Holdings, Inc. The Managing Director of North South Holdings, Inc., Michael Walker, is the project financing partner on my Master Planned "The Reserve at Gold Hills," located in Shasta County, Redding, California, U.S.A. Shasta County is a popular region near the beautiful streams, rivers, lakes and mountains whereby many find solace in their retirement years. A vibrant community with diverse backgrounds makes it one of the United States top 10 retirement places to live.

North South Holdings, Inc. is a very good project financing partner because they have always been diligent in their work to bring attention to the Gold Hills Development and have provided critical funding for the project to date. The Reserve at Gold Hills is a fully entitled Master Planned Community; which can include an Assisted Living (AL) Complex. Gold Hills can incorporate 500 units of different levels of care for the senior population as well as 264 Single Family homes all on 92.5 acres of prime development land in Northern California. Industry wide AL facilities need more levels of care; Gold Hills will provide this.

Featured are Units of every level of Assisted Living, a 50 bed geriatric hospital (a vital need to the surrounding community), a 50 bed skilled nursing complex and an active community center. Once complete the total project financing is US$105,600,000 and will cash flow millions of dollars each year. Whether independent to fully dependent, a senior person will have every option available at Gold Hills. The Project is set to be a LEED Certified and Green Renewable Community.

Many renewable energy products will be incorporated into the Master Plan making it one of the most self-sufficient communities in North America.

As a developer who has built over 2000 homes to date over a thirty (30) year period, I can highly recommend North South Holdings, Inc. as an upstanding citizen in the business community and would also recommend them to anyone looking to finance their project.


Brian E. Burk
President and Owner
The Reserve at Gold Hills

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