About Us

North South Holdings, Inc. is a private equity corporation whose governing group has over 25 years of business experience both domestically and internationally. Much of NSH’s executive experience has been in real estate development which — through one of its clients — led the company executive to an awareness of the immense surge of project potential in the renewable energy sector. Incorporated in the State of Nevada, NSH is a U.S. Corporation whose business operations form out of its international office located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. NSH was formed to function as a development and financial conduit for investment into developing humanitarian and energy projects around the world.

After researching the best types of projects to focus its effort, NSH decided to engage its private equity capital into its first few projects. After recognizing that a successful fiscal return on its projects could be very well maintained, NSH decided to mandate a permanent portion of its capital and partner’s capital to be invested into the renewable energy sector.

NSH has a well diversified project pipeline both in renewable and conventional energy projects. The company is private and is managed by Michael H. Walker, an executive businessperson with over 25 years experience in a blend of project design, development and finance.

NSH has a multi-faceted project pipeline currently in development in the renewable energy sector with the additional benefit of having access to green construction products through its mineral assets. The internal company experience coupled with the investment into these projects is substantial and will result in greatly improving the social conditions in the major urban communities of the countries in which the projects have been identified. All of North South Holdings projects have the added benefit of employing many indigenous people while utilizing renewable resources that will save hundreds of thousands of metric tons of CO2 emissions from being released into the atmosphere. This is one of NSH’s important mandates.

We at North South appreciate how healthy business relationships prove to be the key to success in all matters in business life and believe this is an important part of NSH’s pedigree. We put people before profits because if you take care of people then profits are usually the inherent by-product.