Mission & Vision

Vision statement

NSH desires to make the Earth’s communities become equal opportunity for every one of its citizens. We know that we cannot do it alone yet being responsible means that we strive to do the very best that we can within our means so that we are a living example for others to see and replicate.

Mission statement

NSH’s present mandate is to develop and fund worthwhile projects that have the ability to enrich the communities of the world. Our client relationships are the most important aspect of our business activities; understanding what will best meet the financial needs of infrastructure for any given community.

Critical to the process is open, honest and objective workflows which will enable development to proceed as simply as possible. By this NSH is able to perform at the highest level of global financial reward for its clients and NSH itself.


NSH’s values come from a long standing obligation to give back to the communities of the people of the Earth, as NSH has been so richly fortunate to have had many opportunities to work with successful financial entities in the world whose leadership have shown that honesty, charity and good business sense do have to be the foundation of all successful business.

About Michael Walker

Michael Walker is a business and commerce executive, and owner and entrepreneur whose experiences span 25 years in North America and abroad. Mr. Walker’s focus is in the technology, property development and financial sectors. He has tenured in the hotel, real estate, financial, arts, entertainment and new media industries. More information.

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