North American Mining Operation of Pozzolan

Currently, North South Holdings has under development a project compromised of a valuable natural high grade ore body. This body encompasses 4,160 acres of the industrial mineral “Pozzolan” in an ore block of 4B+ tons. This is the largest mineable High Quality Pozzolan deposit in North America and most probably the Western Hemisphere.

  • Ore is of exceptionally high grade
  • Ore is a “green” product for reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Ore is necessary on a global scale to increase farm products and put arid lands into food production
  • Geology report, Assays and ASTM testing complete
  • The ore body is strategically located just NE of Los Angeles

The Story of Pozzolan

The Romans 2000 years ago discovered some of these deposits surrounding Mount Vesuvius near a town called Pozzuoli, so they called the material “Pozzolan”. They found that Pozzolan could improve the quality of concrete, so they used it to construct roads, aqueducts, and buildings. Many of these projects still stand, 23 centuries later. Pozzolan is still used in concrete today. Some significant projects in the West in which concrete utilizing natural Pozzolan in cement include:

  • East Bay Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant – California
  • Palo Verde (Nuclear) Power Generating Plant – Arizona
  • Pyramid Lake Powerhouse – California
  • Rock Springs Wyoming Power Plant – Wyoming
  • Redding Airport Runway – California
  • Los Angeles Aqueduct – California
  • Los Angeles Flood Control District – California
  • Bonneville Dam – Oregon
  • Golden Gate Bridge – California
  • Piers of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge – California
  • Virtually all concrete in the California State Water Project

Pozzolan has a miraculous ability to hold water. A quantity of Pozzolan will retain its weight in water. This ability to hold water makes Pozzolan critical in agriculture. While about 72% of the earth’s surface is covered by water, 97% of the water is salt or brackish water that cannot be used by plants, animals, people, or industry. Only 3% of the water is fresh and much of that is not in the right place or at the right time for mankind to avoid droughts and fresh water shortages.

In the future High Quality Pozzolan (HQ-Pozzolan) has an important role to play in sustainable green construction. HQ-Pozzolan increases service life and reduces the net greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and energy consumption for a cubic yard of concrete. For every ton of cement replaced by HQ-Pozzolan, there is a net reduction of 0.86 tons of CO2 emissions. This means that every 21 ton truckload used is equivalent to taking three automobiles off the road. In addition, the heat saved is 4.29 million BTU’s/ton, which would heat the average home for more than a week. Also, every ton HQ-Pozzolan used saves 1.5 tons of virgin raw materials needed to make a ton of cement. HQ-Pozzolan represents a high value recycling opportunity.

More information about NSH’s North American Mining Operation of Pozzolan [PDF].

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